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Endorsement by Mariel Hemingway

The owner of the Empowerment Opportunity has created a subsidiary educational company to complement its therapeutic services. The new entity, Encouragement INK LLC will offer literary educational books and other products that inspire creative minds. The books are designed to educate readers about how to be better prepared to navigate life's inevitable stressors.  Dr. McCluskey has created an interactive educational learning tool for caregivers, teachers, and children. In this Self-Reflective Series for Kids and Caregivers, the first book, The Leader of the Parade educates parents, caregivers and teachers on some of the basic principles of Adlerian psychology and gives examples on how to apply these principles as a way of better preparing young people for successfully navigating the inevitable challenges that come from growing up in a very complex and always-changing world. 


In addition, it provides an illustrated story which is designed to illuminate some potential real life (fictional) scenarios and feelings that children face.  It is meant to encourage children's creativity and normalize their feelings. While the book is written by Dr. McCluskey, what makes it especially unique is that all the characters in the book were created and illustrated by an eleven- year-old (now twelve-year-old) child. Fi Hailyn offered pertinent child guidance on appropriate content and relatable language for young readers.


The last part of the book is an activity section which provides a working space for readers to reflect on what they have read and to apply the concepts to their own lives.  It promotes true expression of the growing self and inspires their creative spirits. Parents are invited to send in their children's work for possible future research and/or publication.  


The second book in the Series is expected to come out in September, 2022.

Meet Dr. Alfred Adler, a psychologist who started a very important educational movement one hundred years ago. You may have heard of “inferiority complex,” a popular term Adler coined. In this book you will also learn about his equally important term, “social interest.”

In this historical piece of fiction, Dr. Adler takes eight children who are competing to be the leader of their school parade on an imaginative field trip through the Cosmos. They follow two rabbits named Peace and Justice through beautiful European and New England towns, past rivers and lakes, a castle, flower-filled fields, an animal sanctuary and even outer space. 

While on this magical trip they meet a superhero pony named Social Interest (Si for short) and a red cardinal named Robin. Along with Dr. Adler, these and other animals help the children grapple with many big themes and feelings including jealousy, fear, and guilt; coping with loss and death; as well as joy and hope.  Using poetry, story writing and songs, the children brainstorm about how to make the world a better place. After the story, readers have their own opportunity to do the same in the activity section of the book.

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"The Leader of the Parade is an exquisitely written and beautifully illustrated must-read by a renowned psychotherapist. If you are looking for a powerful catalyst for emotional healing as well as a transformative way to foster both internal dialogue and community engagement, look no further. This unique and innovative book for all ages combines Adlerian theory with decades of Dr. McCluskey's clinical wisdom and helps the reader understand how to lead their own parade in life."

Dr. Aileen McCabe-Maucher
Mom, and Author, The Inner Peace Diet and Complete Self-Care: Transformation through Yoga and Beyond

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