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Treatment Approach

At the Empowerment Opportunity we wholeheartedly believe that therapy is an opportunity for personal growth and optimizing health, NOT a sign of weakness. Therapy can be especially rewarding if you have a natural curiosity about yourself. We currently work with both adults and adolescents presenting with a wide array of life concerns. Our team approach is eclectic, meaning we tailor our approach to meet your individual needs. Treatment modalities include psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapy, cognitive techniques as well as mindfulness and trauma treatment approaches, when appropriate. After a consultation, should we decide that our approach might be not the best fit for your needs, or there are scheduling issues, we have a large network of professional colleagues who work in many modalities that we will be happy to put you in touch with.


All telesessions use a secure technology called Theraplatform which is HIPAA compliant to ensure the privacy of your session. 


We believe in an approach which helps clients to understand themselves in relation to others, as well as to their true self, and we work to help them recognize their strengths and potential for growth. We respect individual differences, cultural and environmental factors, and works with clients at a safe pace, determined by them.


 We believe in a holistic approach, and with your consent, will collaborate closely with other specialists including:  primary care doctors, nutritionists, and psychiatrists if medication is being considered or used in conjunction with therapy.


In addition to therapy, we also offer various types of coaching where we work with you on a very specific goal oriented plan-- whether it be starting a new business, prioritizing health and wellness into your life,  or reaching very specific personal life goals, we work with you closely and as frequently as needed to help you realize your goals. Our goal is to see you succeed.

We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to answer any questions about her treatment philosophy or approach. For therapeutic services we accept Aetna insurance and we are out-of-network providers for other insurances. We submit out of network claims on your behalf. People are often surprised at their out of network coverage. If you have any questions about this, call your insurance company and ask what your out of network benefits are. 


Coaching and Reiki are not covered by insurance.  

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